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U-GROPE-HER League Update Week 38 16/17 - Final table
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U-GROPE-HER League Update Week 38 16/17 - Final table   Reply with quote  

Hi all,

Here is the week 38 update for our season long head-to-head league competition THE U-GROPE-HER LEAGUE. This is the final standings in this seasons competition.

James 47 - Michael 'Beefy' 34
Warren 72 - Simon 40
Laurence 31 - Charlie 39
Mark 20 - Me 45
Gary 44 - Tony 59
Jamie 51 - Ben 48
Dale 63 - Ronan 50

* Congratulations to Gary in securing the UGL title and his second trophy of the season. Although he lost to Tony in GW38 (in a repeat of the CL final) he still secured the UGL title by 4 points.
* Well done to Warren who secured second place by beating Simon on the final day. Warren led the table for 21 weeks in the season, before Gary overtook him in GW29.
*Warren holds me off by a single point. I finished 3rd in the table. Victory on the final day over Mark was not enough to overhaul Warren or Gary.
* Ben finished 4th at the end of the season. He lost narrowly to Jamie on the final day. Victory would have seen him secure 3rd place.
* In the end Tony held off Dale and Jamie in the race for the 5th-7th places.
* There was no changes this week in places 8th-11th with Michael 'Beefy' holding off Simon, Ronan and Mark.
* There will be some celebration from James as he managed to overhaul Laurence on the last day of the season. James's victory was enough to see him take 12th as Laurence lost to Charlie.
Charlie was of course bottom of the table. This makes Charlie finish bottom in the UGL and 4PT. He finished in the giddy heights of 13th in the CL qualifying table.

1. Gary 76 points
2. Warren 72 points (up 1 place)
3. Me 71 points (up 1 place)
4. Ben 69 points
5. Tony 66 points
6. Dale 63 points (1626)
7. Jamie 63 points (1603)
8. Michael 'Beefy' 52 points
9. Simon 49 points
9. Ronan 48 points (1488)
10. Mark 48 points (1335)  
12. James 42 points
13. Laurence 40 points
14. Charlie 35 points

that's it for now. Well done again to Gary.


Post Wed May 24, 2017 11:27 am
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