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WEEK 38 UPDATE (Final Week) 16/17
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WEEK 38 UPDATE (Final Week) 16/17   Reply with quote  

Hi all,

Here is the week 38 update of our league competition the 4TH PLACE TROPHY. The final week of the season.

* CONGRATULATIONS to Gary on the confirmation on becoming 4PT Champion. Gary has led since week 17 so more than deserves to be Champion.
* We have now had 3 different Champions in the 3 years of the 4PT. Simon was Champion in the first year of the league 14/15 and John was Champion last season in 15/16.
* I finished 2nd. In the end I held off Tony by 35 points. A few more weeks and he would have got me. I am particularly pleased as I remained in the top 2 for the whole of the Season.
* Tony finished 3rd. A great response in the 2nd half of the season after he was in 11th place after 9 weeks.
* In the battle for 4th to 8th place is what Dale who became victorious. A great debut season performance. who in the end held of fellow new manger Warren by 11 points who finished 5th.
* Whilst we are congratulating Warren it is worth saying well done for him finishing the highest scoring manager of the week with 72 points in the last week of the season. This was 3rd time that Warren finished top of the tree, the last time back in week 15.
* This was a great year for our 3 new managers who all finished in the top 5.
* Collectively we scored 643 points this Game Week. Another strong week for us as it was our 4th highest of the season.
* Charlie ended up bottom of the table for the season. The table doesn't lie and he was bottom of the season for more weeks than any other manager.
* The lowest scorer of the week award in the final week goes to Mark with a score of 20 points. This is the 6th time that he has been lowest scorer of the week and three times in the last 4 weeks.

* Over the next few days i'll publish the season highs and lows. Who knows, Maybe the detail will help you work out your strategy for next season!

* This was a good week for us collectively. We got 8 players in the dream team this week. This is below our season average of 8.57 players in the dream a week. Well done to Tony who got 2 players in the DT again this week.

1. Warren 72 points
2. Dale 63 points
3. Tony 59 points
4. Jamie 51 points
5. Ronan 50 points
6. Ben 48 points
7. James 47 points
8. Me 45 points
9. Gary 44 points
10. Simon 40 points
11. Charlie 39 points
12. Michael 'Beefy' 34 points
13. Laurence 31 points
14. Mark 20 points

1. Gary 1906 points
2. Me 1755 points
3. Tony 1720 points
4. Dale 1626 points (up 1 place)
5. Warren 1615 points (up 3 places)
6. Ben 1613 points (down 2 places)
7. Jamie 1603
8. Simon 1602 (down 2 places)
9. Michael 'Beefy' 1547
10. Ronan 1488
11. Laurence 1404
12. James 1339 (up 1 place)
13. Mark 1335 (down 1 place)
14. Charlie 1268

UGL and Player list updates to follow later. Have a good one!


Post Mon May 22, 2017 2:34 pm
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